What I Will Be Reading This Holiday Season

Ah, the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Year’s Eve.

Celebration is in the air and I’m ready to stay home with a good book!

If you’re like me, you’ll try to find some time to relax and read around the hectic parties and celebrations. You’ll snuggle up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a new book.

To get the most reading done this holiday season, I made a list ahead of time.

Here’s some of what I’ll be reading from now until the end of the year:

#1 L.A. Weather- Maria Amparo Escando

L.A. Weather by Maria Amparo Escandon

The Alvarado family lives in dry, sunny Los Angeles. Husband, wife, and three daughters. I’m excited because this one seems to be based on the complexities of family life.

I’m hoping for strong female characters and a bit of climate change science. I think the warm weather will be a nice change from the cold and wet days I have where I live.

#2 Bewilderment- Richard Powers

Bewilderment by Richard Powers

In September 2021, Richard Powers, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, released Bewilderment.

Astrobiologist Theo Byrne is raising his unique 9-year-old son Robin. Robin will attempt to gain emotional control using new technology that is based on his deceased mother’s brain waves.

This should be an excellent mix of science and human relationships. I’ve been known to cry easily at the slightest emotion in a book, so I’m sure there will be waterworks for this one.

#3 Black Tide Rising Series- John Ringo

Under a Graveyard Sky- Black Tide Rising Series by John Ringo

I’ve already read the first book in the Black Tide Rising series, Under a Graveyard Sky. I’ll continue with at least the second and third in the series. I do like to break up long series with other books, so it might take several months to tackle all ten books.

I’m really looking forward to the next few books because the first was action-packed. The characters were cool and I really do like zombie books.

Get caught up with my full review of Under a Graveyard Sky here.

#4 Going There- Katie Couric

Going There by Katie Couric

Katie Couric has been on TV longer than I’ve been alive. She’s a role model for so many.

I’m always interested in a new celebrity memoir. Couric’s Going There is sure to be emotional and inspiring.

I hope this is a quick, but entertaining read. Perfect for a cozy evening on the couch while it snows outside.

#5 The Social Animal- David Brooks

This one really interests me. Brooks creates an imaginary representative couple to show us the social nature of the human mind.

I think this one will incorporate sociology and psychology, two subjects I enjoy learning about. It’s always good to learn a little something while getting entertainment too.

What will you be reading this holiday season?

That wraps up my shortlist of books to read this holiday season. I can’t wait to cuddle up in the cool weather with my books. Hopefully, I have time to add even more to the list!

Are you as excited about holiday reading as I am?

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