Enemy at the Gates by Kyle Mills and Vince Flynn

I love the Mitch Rapp series. It might actually be my favorite book series of all time (except for Harry Potter, of course). It is pure action the whole way through. Politics mixed with espionage mixed with assassination.

If you haven’t read any other books in this series, start here for a recap:

Mitch Rapp Series Recap

Mitch Rapp is an all-American patriot. He’s athletic and intelligent, determined and strong. And he’s been recruited by the CIA.

Rapp trains with assassin Stan Hurley and CIA agent Irene Kennedy under the guidance of CIA Director Thomas Stansfield. He learns all there is to know about counter-terrorism and immediately puts his skills to the test. Each book puts Rapp in a complicated, high-stakes scenario that puts him in immediate danger.

Over time he meets multiple presidents, makes friends with skilled professionals like Scott Coleman and Mike Nash, and sees Kennedy build her career all the way up to the Director of the CIA. He falls in love. He grows a soft side. But when it comes down to it he is a cold-hearted assassin.

Enemy at the Gates Summary and Review

The latest in the Mitch Rapp series is called Enemy at the Gates. Mitch gets wrapped up in a complicated operation to find a mole within the agency.

Someone has fed the new President of the United States, Anthony Cook, covert information about the world’s first trillionaire, Nicholas Ward. This initiates a web of plot lines that put Ward in extreme danger. A Ugandan warlord goes after Ward’s research facility and sends several important scientists on the run.

Meanwhile, Irene Kennedy and Mike Nash search for the mole that computer genius Marcus Dumond accidentally detects. Ward hires Scott Coleman and his team for protection. Coleman brings in Rapp and the fun begins.

There’s explosions, deception, guns, and hideouts. This is as classic as the Mitch Rapp series gets.

I like that the action is backed up by a meaningful plot. Rapp doesn’t just start shooting and hunting random characters. He always has a motivation or reason, even if it’s wrong.

Claudia and Anna provide a bit of relief from the political action and violence. They give balance to the story and provide a place for the reader to calm down and take a breath. I like that it counteracts the seriousness of Rapp’s job to make it all more serious by comparison. They are who he fights for. They’re the reason he will risk his life to make the world safer.

As always, Kyle Mills is able to keep the true spirit of Vince Flynn’s characters alive. He does an excellent job of growing Mitch as a likable character that isn’t always liked by his co-stars. Mills focuses on the key points that make for a good political thriller: politicians, CIA operatives, scheming, international governments, and risk.

I recommend all of the Mitch Rapp series to anyone who likes action and thrills. You get exactly what you’d expect and you won’t be disappointed. I look forward to every new book released in this series and I devour the books in about a day. I’ve even re-read the entire series because I liked it so much.

Alright, Kyle Mills, I’m ready for the next Mitch Rapp adventure already!

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