Book Challenge: Read 50 Books in 2022

Welcome to the Spine & Leaf Books 2022 Book Challenge!

How Do I Do the 2022 Book Challenge?

This book challenge will help you read 50 books in the next year! Choose a book from the list every week to complete the list in a calendar year. You get 2 weeks off for when life gets a little crazy… or you get stuck on #20.

Check off each number as you read a book that fits that description. You can complete this list in any order, but you cannot use one book to mark off more than one number.

Feel free to read more than one book per week if you have extra time and don’t feel bad if you get a bit behind at some point. The challenge is to complete 50 books in 2022, so you have all year!

You can use this list as a way to create your own book journal for the year by writing the title and author next to each item on this list. Check out my full post on starting a book journal here.

Why Do a Book Challenge?

Why do a book challenge this year? Well, reading has been proven to have some incredible benefits. If you’re looking to set up a New Year’s resolution to improve your health or increase your knowledge, then reading is for you!

Reading books can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your vocabulary skills
  • Increase dopamine
  • Make you kinder
  • Increase your knowledge
  • Improve your memory and concentration

On top of all of these benefits, starting a book challenge can broaden your reading horizons. People like to read certain genres and topics because they find them the most enjoyable, but I think we can all agree that occasionally branching out has some positive effects. It’ll help you learn and grow and maybe even find a new favorite.

Getting Started

Some of you are probably worried about the number of books in this book challenge and that’s ok. You’re right, 50 books in just 365 days is a lot of reading.

I’d like to encourage everyone to give this their best shot because you never know, you might just surprise yourself. Also, if you only get 10 books read from this challenge that’s still 10 books that you will read this year and that’s amazing!

For my avid bibliophiles- here’s an extra challenge that only the biggest readers will accomplish:

-Complete this list twice to reach 100 books in 2022 by choosing 2 different books per number!

This is an excellent way to compare books and authors. Plus, you’ll get some fun out of reading 2 books in the same series for #4 and expanding your knowledge in particular subjects, like #28 and #36.

Book Challenge 2022: Read 50 Books This Year!

Read a book

  1. With a color in the name
  2. Set in a foreign country
  3. Recommended by a friend
  4. Part of a series
  5. That you should have read in school
  6. On the New York Times Bestseller list
  7. Already on your bookshelf
  8. With an animal in the name
  9. From an author you already know
  10. About health and wellness
  11. With a pretty book cover
  12. More than 20 years old
  13. Released in the year you were born
  14. Published this year
  15. Translated from another language
  16. With a female protagonist
  17. That’s a memoir
  18. With a one-word title
  19. That was made into a movie
  20. Over 500 pages long
  21. Under 100 pages long
  22. With a music or art theme
  23. Involving water
  24. With a green book cover
  25. Set in the 1800s
  26. With a magical element
  27. That’s a one-hit wonder
  28. About nature
  29. With chapter titles
  30. With an index
  31. With a map in the front
  32. That you heard about from a co-worker
  33. Bought from your local bookstore
  34. That’s a Young Adult novel
  35. Only published as an e-book
  36. About sports
  37. That’s a murder mystery
  38. Featuring the LGBTQ+ community
  39. By an author who shares your name
  40. On audiobook read by the author
  41. That’s a guilty pleasure
  42. Written by 2 authors
  43. Of poetry
  44. About business
  45. About current events
  46. Everyone is talking about
  47. Based on a real person
  48. That’s a coming of age story
  49. About science
  50. That makes you smile

Can you think of a book for each of these ideas? Post below what books you used to complete the list!

Good luck and happy reading!

*Monthly Updates:

51 thoughts on “Book Challenge: Read 50 Books in 2022

Add yours

    1. Hi there! Thanks for reading and I’m so excited to hear you’d like to try the book challenge. There’s no official group, but feel free to comment here with your book choices and progress! I’ll be adding some progress posts here at Spine & Leaf Books to give some ideas of what I will be reading throughout 2022. Good luck with the challenge 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Stay tuned Brittany! We’re going to have lots of suggestions all over Spine & Leaf Books. Check out the Book Recommendations tab at the top menu to see previous posts with tons of good books, hopefully quite a few will match up to the Reading Challenge!
      I’m starting the New Year with #4- a book that’s part of a series. John Ringo’s “To Sail a Darkling Sea” Book 2 of the Black Tide Rising series.


    2. Hi Brittany, I’m also starting with #4 with Rachael Herron Abigail’s Shop (Cypress Hollow Yarns #1) -362-. I’ve put a link for map books earlier and I chose to read Julie Wilson Seen Reading -208- since it’s happening so close to where I live. The most important thing is to decide what you like/love to read and you can fit in many categories.


  1. OK I’m in. I’ll be reporting when I finish a book. Most of my book reviews are on Goodreads and Amazon, sometimes at other places too when the author asks, like Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

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  2. Seems like I have nothing to do but I assure you I’m quite busy. I finished choosing my books from the categories. My only problem is #40 On audiobook read by the author. After checking other challenges, I decided to change this one for “a book I started but never finished”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad you’ve got your books lined up for the year! I’m going to completely wing it and choose as I go along. Got any suggestions for #44? Business isn’t really my thing so I’m hoping to learn more in that category.


      1. Hi Spineandleafbooks,
        I have read/love: Steve Foley Let’s All Go To The Lobby: A Sweet History Of Concessions At The Movies -44-.
        I also read/liked: Molly Wigand How to Write and Sell Greeting Cards, Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts and Other Fun Stuff -176-
        I have some books but haven’t read them yet so I can’t say if they are good or not.
        Brad Jones: 1. Goal Settings 2. Business Ideas.
        Gundi Gabrielle: 1. Turn Your Passion Into A Thriving Business: How To Start a Business That Will Crush It! -135- 2. 597 Business Ideas You can Start from Home – doing what you LOVE! -111-
        Alan Payne: Built to Fail: The Inside Story of Blockbuster’s Inevitable Bust -204-.
        Henry Bechthold: Exposing Mega Churches and the Prosperity Gospel Scam: They Could Feed Every Starving Person Worldwide and House Every Homeless American -69-
        Benjamin Gundgaard: Smartphone E-Commerce: Your Step-By-Step Guide on How to Maximize Sales in Your Mobile E-Commerce Store -540-
        The one I chose is: Tricia Ulberg My Crafty Biz: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Successful Arts and Crafts Business -101-

        Hope this helps! Nicole


  3. I finished reading #4 with Rachael Herron Abigail’s Shop (Cypress Hollow Yarns #1) -362- on Jan02/2022. 3 stars. That was not a romantic comedy. Horrific details of a stalker and conjugal abuse in all forms all through the book apart from everything else (drama, suspense, etc.).


  4. Hi, I just wanted to share the bookshelf my husband prepared for me. It was based on and completely editable. You can absolutely use it if you want to.


    1. I forgot to say that I’m going to color in the # that I read, like #4 should be colored, so I knew which is left to read. I put the copy in my bullet journal.


  5. I finished reading #22 on Jan07/2022. I read “Confessions of a Wedding Musician Mom”. I hope my other books are good because this one was a complete let-down.


  6. I finished reading #39 Monae Nicole Our Love Rekindled -60- Valentine’s Day Novellette. Two of my middle names are Monique Nicole so that one is close enough. I did find a book with my name/surname but it was no longer available. 4 stars. I chose today because it’s my birthday.


  7. I finished reading #35 Megan Wade Wall St. Jerk (The Curves of Wall St. #1) -164- . Low drama, insta-lust romance. 5 stars. I loved most of Wade’s books. They are short and sweet with some BR scenes.


    1. I’m so excited to share my reads for the month of January…but I’m committed to waiting until Jan 31st to put out my updated list. I think I’m at 6 books read already so I’m ahead of schedule to hit the 50 book mark by end of year. Looks like you’re moving at a pretty good pace too. Keep it up! 🙂


      1. Oh, that’s a better idea; I was wondering why no one was posting anything. I do challenges every year but never never commit to posting until this year. I’ll start in February, posting once a month.


  8. I finished reading #18 Rees Quinn Disney -78- Biographies. Gives a good glimpse of Disney’s world, his family, friends, foes and business partners. Could have been more depths to it, seemed more like an essay than a bio.
    For February, I will be reporting once a month, every 4 weeks, so Feb.26/2022 will be my next one.

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  9. Forgot to report:
    Jan23/2022 I finished #34 Luke Andreen Wasting Away in the Goblin Keep -185- YA Epic Fantasy. I have to say the story got me hooked from the beginning, but as I read, there were too many gory details of either torture, attempted rape, or a manticore’s eating habits. Then the story ends with a major cliffhanger with no following book since 2016. I was fairly disappointed.
    Jan.26/2022 I finished #46 Nina de Gramont The Christie Affair -320- Enough details/talk/trauma about a priest raping pregnant single-mothers and nuns turning a blind eye. This is the only reason why my rating is not 5 stars. Is this the norm now? I hope not. You have to laugh for Christie’s writing to be described as an eccentricity since it paid, amongst other things, for two luxury cars.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I was reading Josh Widdecome’s ‘Watching Neighbours Twice a Day’ when I discovered your challenge, and that has some great chapter titles. And The Winter House, that’s based around water. I’ve added The Handmaids Tale to my list as it was released the year I was born!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that idea! I still haven’t read one for #19, and it’s surprisingly hard to pick one. It’s even weirder because I used to be a part of a book club that only read books being released as a movie version, so I should be a pro at finding books like that. Thanks for the suggestion, I’m checking it out right now!


  10. A wonderful challenge – this brings me so much pleasure throughout the year 🙂 Just ordered a few more to tick off the remaining ones … Just out of interest: Are your planning for the next challenge in 2023?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you like the challenge Andrea! Good luck on getting the last few books read, you’ve got plenty of time. Yes, I am planning the 2023 challenge!! Would you like to see something similar for next year with 50 broad categories or something more direct like an exact list to read? Was 50 the right number?


      1. That’s great news! I love the criteria-based approach. This is inspiring and open so many possibilities. 50 is a challenge but doable. Perfect for me 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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