Veronica Roth: Author Review

I’d like to feature a writer who is becoming a favorite of mine: Veronica Roth. Her writing style is enjoyable and easily digestible. I like her character development and world-building.

Simply put, Veronica Roth’s stories are entertaining.

I decided to write about Roth and all of her works instead of choosing just one book to review. I thought it’d be better to talk about all of the wonderful things she has written than to piece apart each one in a separate review.

So first, I’ll list all of her books and a quick thought about each. Then, we’ll discuss what I like most about her writing style as it is reflected in all of her books.

Veronica Roth’s Current Books

Divergent Trilogy

  • Divergent (2011)
  • Insurgent (2012)
  • Allegient (2013)

Divergent Series Spin-Offs

  • Four: A Divergent Collections (2014)
  • The World of Divergent: The Path to Allegient (2013)
  • We Can Be Mended (2017)

Carve the Mark Duology

  • Carve the Mark (2017)
  • The Fates Divide (2018)

Chosen Ones Duology

  • Chosen Ones (2020)
  • Sequel? (Coming Soon?)

Other Roth Books and Short Stories

  • The End and Other Beginnings: Stories From the Future (2019)
  • Hearken (2013)
  • Ark (2019)

My Connection with Veronica Roth

The first Roth book I read was Divergent. I received the book as a gift from my boyfriend (now husband) before going on a vacation. It was a struggle not to read the whole book on the plane ride there. I tried to pace myself because I know YA books can go by fast. I quickly secured copies of Insurgent and Allegiant after the vacation, followed by Four and We Can Be Mended.

Then, on another plane ride several years later, I read Chosen Ones. Again, I had to contain myself and not read the entire book on day one of the trip. It’s so easy for me to fall into Roth’s world. I really hope there’s a sequel here!

Carve the Mark and The Fates Divide were very recent reads, but I’m only a few years behind their 2017 and 2018 releases.

I’m thrilled to know that Roth is continuing to write. I’m eagerly awaiting her next release!

The Best of Veronica Roth

Obviously, if I’m writing an entire post about one author there are quite a few things I like about her writing. I’m going to break down the Best of Veronica Roth!


Roth’s world-building is amazing. She created the entire Divergent world based on Chicago, but there’s so much more to world-building than location. She’s created an entire culture of divided groups with practices and beliefs unique to each sector. This world has grown over the trilogy and the additional Divergent spin-offs.

Then Chosen Ones was set in another version of Chicago. This time featuring alternate dimensions. She’s always got a way to throw in a twist.

Carve the Mark and The Fates Divide is literally a massive 9-planet setting with elaborate dress, beliefs, politics, and economics on each world. I don’t think this can be beaten in terms of world-building and impressive settings.

Genre Blending

Roth seamlessly blends multiple genres in each book. Everything from young adult to dystopian fiction to science fiction to fantasy.

There’s magic and science. Young adult characters mixed with some really adult themes. Outerspace and good old-fashioned hand-to-hand combat.

It’s a wonderful mix that makes Roth’s works appeal to so many readers, including me.

Believable Characters

This one is easy to explain. I like Roth’s characters. My favorites include: Tris, Akos, and Sloane.

Roth writes characters that are relatable, yet they still seem larger than life. They are always heroes in their own right. They wield special powers or are the subject of prophecy.

The Action

I’m a fan of action in literature. I enjoy fight scenes, massive battles, hand-to-hand combat, duels, chase scenes, and training montages.

Roth provides plenty of action in her books, especially during Dauntless training. I think that was the first thing that made me stick with the series. It’s also empowering to see equal physical skills between men and women. All characters are able to use their strength and skill to their own advantage.

Unique Names

Tris, Albie, Akos, Ryzek, Cyra…

Unique names keep things interesting. They make the character special and I appreciate the effort.

Conclusion: Why Do I Like The Author Veronica Roth?

Veronica Roth has earned her place as an author. She’s won multiple Goodreads Awards, sold over 35 million copies, been on the New York Times Best Seller List, and signed movie deals.

I just like her style and her books make me happy. I think that’s what makes her a real success in my eyes.

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