9 Bookish Things to Do That Aren’t Reading

You might be thinking… “Why would I want to do anything besides read?”

Well, sometimes we readers get in a slump. Or we run out of books (the horror!). Or we simply need a break from one hobby to focus on another.

I’ve been there and I always want another bookish activity that isn’t reading. It’s great to have this list handy when you’re ready to have some bookish fun. Try a few of these bookish things the next time you need a reading break.

1. Update Your TBR List

Get excited about your next great read by choosing a few books in advance for your To Be Read list. Then, when the mood strikes to have a reading marathon, you’ve got an amazing list to work through. No more wasting time wondering what to read.

A good TBR list can work wonders when you set reading goals. Always having a book ready to go is a great way to read more.

So go ahead and add all of your wonderful finds to your TBR so you’re geared up and ready to go when the reading begins again.

2. Visit Your Local Book Shop

…and make a purchase.

Visiting is one thing, and buying is another. It is crucial for local small businesses to have regular customers that actually make purchases.

While not everyone can afford to purchase new books all the time (especially readers blazing through 50+ books a year), a couple books are usually in most budgets.

So browse to your heart’s content in the wonderful world of books and then make sure to take home a new friend to enjoy at a later time.

3. Print and Color Your Own Bookmarks

Crafting and creating art are magnificent ways to use your creative spirit. Make your own special bookmarks or print templates to personalize with the final touches.

Check out Spine & Leaf Books’ FREE downloadable bookmarks here.

Go crazy with color. Stick to a theme. Doodle your favorite character. Write out your best quotes. The sky’s the limit with bookmarks and you’ll have a bookish keepsake to make you smile.

4. Join/Start a Book Club

Now you might say, “you have to read to be in a book club” Well, technically, yes, you do.

But, most of being in a book club can be choosing books, discussing previously read books, or creating lists of discussion questions. There’s a whole lot more to the book community than reading the books.

I’ve even been part of a book club that didn’t mind at all if you read the book or not. All were welcome to come to talk books. Any books.

5. Organize Your Bookshelves

Digital and physical.

Take some time to bring new life to your bookshelves by organizing and creating a beautiful aesthetic. Group by genre, size, color, or author. Limitless options.

In the end, you’ll see that all those lovely books look even more appetizing when neatly organized. And, to be fair, books deserve to be stored in a way that reflects your enjoyment of them. Treat them like royalty and give them VIP treatment.

6. Volunteer at Your Local Library

Libraries are often funded by the local government and are, therefore, on a budget. Volunteer your time to sort donated books, move older books to storage, or set up for the next book sale.

You’ll have a great time being surrounded by endless books and spending time around other book-lovers while helping your community. It’s a win-win.

And when you’ve finished doing bookish things that aren’t reading, you can go right back to reading when you check out a book on your way out.

7. Go to a Book Reading

Bookstore near you having a book reading? Plan to stop by to meet the author and have someone read to you!

You’ll get a chance to see behind the scenes by chatting with the author and maybe get an awesome autograph to take home. There’s something special about an author reading their own words in their intended voice. It’s magical.

Virtual book readings have become increasingly popular so you may get lucky enough to not leave home, while still getting the listening experience.

8. Listen to a Book Podcast or Read a Book Blog

When you want to be bookish without reading a book, the next best thing is to read about books. Or listen to people talk about them.

As a blogger myself, I’ve resorted to reading book blogs including reviews and discussions when I wasn’t in the mood to read whole books. I’d get the sense of enjoyment of the story by reading summaries and reviews without committing to reading an entire book.

Book podcasts offer much of the same glorious bookish experience, but it’s easier on the go. Try listening to a book discussion while commuting to work or going for a run. Perhaps replace your regular audiobook with a few podcasts.

9. Watch the Movie Adaptation of a Good Book

…or the TV show.

Books turning into movies has been wildly successful throughout Hollywood history. Think Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Schindler’s List, The Devil Wears Prada, and more. Cult followings and ridiculously high ratings.

Recently, the trend is moving towards TV series adaptions including Game of Thrones, The Queen’s Gambit, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Big Little Lies. The list could go on and on.

Checking out a TV show or movie might sate your curiosity for a book series that would otherwise take many, many hours to read. Get the quick and dirty version to ease the FOMO.

So there ya go! 9 Bookish Things to Do That Aren’t Reading!

What do you do when you aren’t in the mood to read? Add your suggestions in the comments below.

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  1. Might be weird for some but here it is: I write down the author’s name, the name of the book and series, the # of pages and the category on one line, the next six lines are dedicated to the book description. Repeat to fill a page (~4-5). Then I print and glue in a notebook. All my notebooks have themes such as collections with different authors, whole series, non-fiction – one page per theme like biographies, health, etc., erotica, holidays, etc. When I go on vacation or just travelling I bring one notebook and there’s enough in there to keep me busy for a while as a notebook can contain over 300 book descriptions. These are also color-coded with highlighters: The first line in yellow means it’s for a review so there’s a deadline before the name, the orange lashed out against the description means it’s been read already.


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