Book Club Discussion Questions for 2022

Starting a book club this year? Joining an existing club?

Look no further for all of your Book Club Discussion Questions!

Every book club is different, but in the end, we all come together to discuss books. It is important for a book club discussion leader to have a bank of good questions to choose from depending on the book and the chattiness of the participants.

I’ve been to book clubs where a single discussion question eats up half of the meeting time and others where each question only garners a single, one-sentence answer before returning the room to silence.

I’ll take you through several sets of book club discussion questions including some first-time meeting questions and a few more outrageous ones to mix up a long-standing book club with some good laughs.

I’m sure you and your book club will have some great conversations led by these themed questions.


The “Standard” Book Club Discussion Questions:

For almost any book or genre…

  1. What character was the easiest to relate to? Why?
  2. What themes were present?
  3. How would you redesign the book cover?
  4. What would you retitle this book?
  5. What was the inciting incident?
  6. If the main character hadn’t done [blank], how would the book have ended instead?
  7. What place in the book would you like to visit?
  8. What star rating do you give this book and who would you recommend it to?

The “Girls/Boys Night Out” Book Club Discussion Questions:

For a good laugh between friends...

  1. How much alcohol did you drink while reading this book?
  2. Which character would you like to date?
  3. What page has the best sex scene?
  4. How many times did you curse at the main character for doing something stupid?
  5. What would be different if the main character was a different sex?
  6. What character could use a good therapist?

The “First-Time” Book Club Discussion Questions:

For newbie readers that need a guiding hand…

  1. What did you enjoy the most?
  2. Could anyone recap the plot?
  3. Did you expect the book to end the way it did?
  4. What characters were essential to the story?
  5. What emotions did you feel while reading?
  6. Do you want to read more books like this one? Why or why not?

The “Advanced” Book Club Discussion Questions:

For pro book lovers that need a challenge…

  1. What other books does this book remind you of?
  2. Did you notice any improvements in writing technique from the author’s previous works?
  3. What foreshadowing and red herrings gave away the twist ending?
  4. What would you change about this book?
  5. Why do you think the author felt the need to write this story?
  6. How did this book change you?
  7. What sybolism did you notice?
  8. Do you think there is additional meaning in any names of characters or places?

The “I’ll Watch the Movie” Book Club Discussion Questions:

For those who usually wait for the movie to be released…

  1. What actresses/actors would you like to see playing the main charaters?
  2. What are some songs would you like to hear playing while reading this book?
  3. What was the best scene?
  4. What character could be removed from the story and still have it work?
  5. Was the dialouge or the narration stronger?
  6. Do you think this would work better as a TV series or a movie?

The “I Forgot to Read It” Book Club Discussion Questions

For those who forgot to read this month’s book, but still want to join the fun…

  1. Based only on the book cover, what do you think this will be about?
  2. What reviews and recommendations have you read about this book?
  3. What do you know about this genre?
  4. Will you give this book another chance?
  5. What other books have you read recently?

I hope you and your book club enjoy this collection of Book Club Discussion Questions!

Comment below what you and your club discuss with each book!

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