Tools to Create a Reading Habit

Why Should You Create a Reading Habit?

Did you know that 23% of American adults say that haven’t read a book in the past year? Shocking! What do they do with all of their free time?

But the more important question is, do these people know what they are missing out on by not creating a reading habit?

There are numerous studies out there proving how reading has a positive effect. Regular readers can expect to see improvements in their sleep quality, happiness, emotional intelligence, and more.

What is a habit tracker and how do you use it?

A habit tracker is a visual way to record the progress of your goals. They can track hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly goals. Generally, most habit trackers allow the user to check off each day that they participate in their new habit.

For example, if you want to create a beneficial reading habit by reading for 20 minutes every day, you mark off each day on your habit tracker that you accomplish that goal. By the end of the month or year, you will have a record of how many days you met that goal.

Check out these Reading Habit Trackers to log your progress!

Click each image to download a free PDF.

Monthly Reading Habit Tracker
Yearly Reading Habit Tracker

Need a Reading Log to keep track of your books?

Check out these downloadable Reading Logs! Click each image to download a free PDF.

Reading Log 2022- Pink
My 2022 Reading Log- Sunflowers

How will you create a reading habit?

Comment below to let me know how you want to create your reading habit this year!

Be sure to check out the Free Downloads page here at Spine & Leaf Books for more free PDFs and downloads to help with all of your bookish needs!

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