You Know You’re a Bookworm When…

If you’ve ever experienced the things on this list, you might be a bookworm.

The life of a bookworm is full of problems that we are all happy to ignore for the love of books. The more bookish you are…the more of these problems you can likely relate to.

Read the list below and get 1 point for each thing you’ve experienced! Check out your level of bookishness with the scale at the end to find out how much of a bookworm you really are!

#1: You Have Too Many Books and Too Little Time

If you have more books than you can ever possibly read, you might be a bookworm.

Deciding what books to read with your very precious time can be daunting. Too many books, too little time.

#2: You Constantly Lose Your Page in a Book

Ever close your book and realize you didn’t slip the bookmark in there? Am I on page 103 or 247? I don’t remember.

If you’re like me, you constantly lose your page while reading and need to carefully skim to find the right place without going too far and getting spoilers.

This can only be solved by reading the entire book in one sitting without ever putting it down.

#3: You Have to Choose Between Socializing and Reading

I once got yelled at by my mom for trying to bring my beloved Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to a sleepover. Apparently, it’s impolite to spend the night reading quietly when you’ve been invited to socialize. Who could’ve known…

Anyway, most bookworms will relate when they’ve had to make the difficult decision to stay at home with their fantasy world or partake in the real world.

#4: You Can’t Find a Comfortable Reading Spot

Couch. Chair. Floor. Bed. Sitting. Laying. Upside down.

There’s never a spot that’s the perfect combination of comfort and the ability to read a book. You’re probable a bookworm if you’ve struggled to keep both hands under the warm blanket while holding a book in a way that makes it possible to read the words.

#5: You Cringe When a Character Does Something Stupid

*Sigh* I can’t believe he really did that….

You’re probably a book lover if you’ve ever cringed at what your favorite character is doing. Closed the book and stared at a wall hoping you read that wrong. Hoping that the character didn’t really and truly just embarrass themselves so badly that you can feel it through the page.

Such are the problems of a bookworm.

#6: You Are Running Out of Bookshelves

If you collect books, you’ve probably already run out of bookshelf space and continually have to add more. Maybe your whole house is now lined with shelves and there are piles on the floor. Problems of a bookworm…

#7: You Have to Decide Between Buying Books and Going on Vacation

Books are expensive and you might find yourself choosing between vacationing or buying books. If the average book costs $20 and you buy 100 per year… well, you do the math.

Reading can be an expensive hobby and can occasionally create problems for bookworms everywhere.

#8: You Accidentally Finish a Book Without Having a Back Up

Ever been out for the day with your book handy and finished the book before you make it back home? Been on a trip and don’t have room to bring your spare book? Finish your stack of books, but the library is closed on Sundays?

If this is you, you might be a bookworm and the struggles continue.

#9: You Spill Food on Your Book

I’m guilty of this one and it’s a bit embarrassing, to be honest. I’ve spilled food and drinks on my beloved books by refusing to put them down long enough to take in sustenance.

#10: You Think The Movie Version Doesn’t Live Up to the Book

This might be the ultimate struggle for bookworms. You fall in love with a book and build up the characters and the setting in your head only to be royally let down by the movie version. The book is always better than the movie.

#11: You Stay Up Too Late to Finish a Book

Just one more chapter. Ok, one more. Well, now it’s really good, so just one more. One more. Oops, I’m done.

If you’ve never stayed awake waaayy too late reading a good book, can you even call yourself a bookworm? This is technically a problem since lack of sleep can really mess up your day, but in the end, I’m happy to have a book so good I’m willing to give up sleep to keep going.

#12: You Start a Series That Isn’t Complete and Have to Wait 3 Years for the Next One

I’ve fallen into the trap of discovering a brand new series and falling in love after book 3 only to find out that book 4 doesn’t exist yet.

The horrors continue when you realize that book 3 was just released and the author tends to only publish once every 3 years!

Welp, guess you’ll be holding your breath waiting to find out what happens next.

#13: Your Kindle Battery Dies Unexpectedly

Technology is great but occasionally lets you down with your own poor planning. If you’ve ever forgotten to charge your Kindle battery and had it die mid-sentence, you’re not alone. A true bookworm will use that Kindle until it dies.

#14: You’ve Dropped a Book on Your Face

This one is my most relatable bookish problems. You’re laying down, enjoying a brand new hardback epic fantasy novel. Then your hands give out and you inadvertently drop a 700 pager straight on your face. Ouch. Been there, done that.

#15: You Hate Getting Interrupted During an Important Scene

One of the most frustrating things is being interrupted while reading the action scenes that have been building for pages and pages.

What are you reading? A book. What book? It’s a book stop talking to me I’m reading oh my god…

#16: You’ve Had the Ending Get Spoiled Too Many Times

Another of the most annoying things is having a book ending spoiled.

But if you’re a bookworm, you’ve probably had this happen to you at least once. Sometimes a friend makes a mistake and shares a bit too much before they loan you their copy, or you do it to yourself while looking up sequels and quotes.

#17: You’re Frustrated That You Can’t Read in the Shower, But the Bathtub is Too Risky

Any good bookworm has struggled with the fact that books aren’t waterproof.

If you’ve ever been upset that you have to stop reading to bathe, you might be a bookworm.

#18: You’ve Gotten to the Sex Scene While in Public

You know those books. The steamy, sexy, romantic ones that go into great detail for all of the love and relationships you could ever imagine.

And then you get to the sexiest of all sex scenes when you’re on the train home or listening to the audiobook at the gym.

If you’ve ever been a bit embarrassed to read a sex scene in public, you might be a bookworm.

#19: You Get Book Hangovers

You love a book so much and it’s the most perfect thing ever to be created. And then it’s over.

The devastation left behind is a reading hangover. And if you’ve ever experienced this, you know you’re a bookworm.

#20: You’ve Been in a Reading Slump

For all the book love you give, sometimes you still fall into a reading slump. Going for days or even weeks without reading. Maybe you’ve been busy or maybe you’re recovering from that book hangover.

#21: You’re Upset that You’re Not Able to Read a Book for the First Time Again

This is the ultimate regret of book lovers everywhere, and I’m sure you can relate.

You can only read a book for the first time, one time. I know I’m upset that I’ll never experience the pure joy of reading certain books again for the first time.

Bookish Rating Scale:

  • 0-5 Points: Beginner Bookworm. Now is your chance to up your game and grab another book.
  • 6-10 Points: Budding Bookworm. You’ve got the right start, but need to a bit more motivation.
  • 11-15 Points: Weekender Bookworm. You’re on your way to being a complete bookworm, but you need to put in a few more hours during the week.
  • 16-20 Points: True Bookworm. You’re a master at reading books non-stop. You and I would be good friends.
  • 21 Points: Ultimate Bookworm. You’ve probably stopped reading this list by now to go back to your book.

The life of a book lover is as glamorous as it seems, but there are a few problems we all deal with on a regular basis. I wanted to take a light-hearted approach to discuss some real-world problems with being a bookworm. Don’t take this list too seriously, though. I truly love reading books and wouldn’t give it up for the world!

Let me know in the comments below if you think you’re a bookworm based on this list.

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