10 Minimalist Hobbies For Summer

Need a new minimalist hobby to keep you busy this summer?

Want to find an activity that doesn’t break the bank or clutter your home?

Minimalist hobbies might be right for you! Minimalism comes in many forms, but essentially it means simplifying life and using only what is needed and loved. It can be frugal, or focus on quality over quantity. It doesn’t waste, it doesn’t involve excess.

While you may love your crafting hobby, those boxes and bins stacked in the closet filled with supplies may be getting too excessive. If you’re ready to try something that doesn’t come with a lot of baggage, try a minimalist hobby.

Check out the list below for 10 ideas:

1.) Reading

Reading is the ultimate minimalist hobby for me. As this is primarily a book blog, of course, this is #1 on the list.

Books are one of the most minimalist hobbies when approached a certain way.

I am well aware that book lovers everywhere struggle to contain their shelves and piles of beloved books collected over a lifetime. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Between book shares, libraries, e-books, and second-hand book shops, there is no need to maintain a personal library bigger than a few books at a time.

Try borrowing books from the library to minimize waste and clutter. If you purchase a book, be sure to donate it shortly after you finish reading.

Use an e-reader or a laptop/cellphone to store only digital books.

2.) Hiking

Hiking is a great minimalist hobby, especially for the summer.

The activity requires nothing more than appropriate footwear and clothing for your climate and terrain. Check out your local area to find easily accessible trails near you.

So simple!

Plus you’ll get great exercise in the outdoors.

3.) Blogging

As a hobby blogger, of course, I’m going to recommend blogging to my readers. I’ve fallen in love with the activity and truly enjoy running Spine & Leaf Books.

Blogging allows you to be creative and interact with the community all from the comfort of your home.

As far as minimalist hobbies go, blogging is one of the most fun. All you really need is a computer to get started. No specific, single-use equipment is needed.

4.) Running

Step out the front door and start running.

All you need for this minimalist summer hobby is a decent pair of running shoes.

Running is not only a minimalist hobby, but it is good for your physical and mental health. A consistent and moderate running routine has been proven to improve health and fitness in more than one way.

Get out there and run!

5.) Puzzles

Crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, word searches, riddles, sudoku. You name it, it’s a hobby.

Puzzling is the perfect minimalist summer hobby if you’re looking to keep your mind sharp. Grab your puzzle book and pen and you’re set.

Puzzling doesn’t require too much space or time and most puzzle books are travel-friendly. Imagine yourself lounging on the beach with a crossword. Or solving sudokus on your porch with a glass of lemonade.

Perfect summer hobby.

6.) Gaming

Gaming might be the most expensive hobby on the list, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also fit into a minimalist lifestyle. A one-time investment to purchase a computer, mouse, and keyboard along with a game or two will set you up for hundreds of hours of fun. If you can get a powerful laptop, you can keep all of your gaming needs in one discrete package!

Computer games have been popular for many years and have even become a lucrative career for professionals.

Try out a new game or two on the internet to share your new hobby with some friends.

7.) Gardening

I think gardening is the most controversial minimalist hobby on the list. Once you start a garden, things can get out of hand pretty quickly in terms of scale.

But if you are committed to only allocating a few pots or a small flowerbed, tending your garden can be minimalistic, calming, and energizing.

A few seeds and some soil is all you need to get going.

8.) Cooking

I love to cook and try new recipes. But cooking doesn’t have to include a plethora of single-use kitchen gadgets. Simple, whole foods recipes can be completed with the most basic kitchen items.

Also, once you eat up your tasty concoction… there’s nothing left! All ingredients used and all products finished. If you only buy what you need, you’ll be sure to keep a minimalist kitchen while learning a new skill.

Summer is the perfect time to get out the grill or go for a raw recipe.

9.) Photography

Photography is a well-known minimalist hobby, so it’s going on my list for good reason.

You don’t need a fancy camera and accessories to get started (but you might find you do really enjoy them). Most cell phone cameras these days rival the expense cameras on the market, especially when those cameras are wielded by an amateur.

Digital photo storage eliminates the need for hard prints of photos and reduces waste.

10.) Music

Music as a minimalist hobby? But wait, don’t you need an instrument and sheet music and metronomes and tuning forks and CDs and music teachers and a music stand and and and…?

Well, not really. While some musicians go all out and create a wonderful collection of musical items, you don’t really need them.

For me, simply listening to music on free music sharing sites can scratch the music itch.

When I want to create music, I try to keep my digital piano and a few select books ready to go. When I want to branch out, I try to download digital sheet music to my phone to minimize the physical items I need to practice my hobby.

And then, there is an unlimited number of apps that act as metronomes and tuners.

If you want to be the ultimate minimalist musician, try singing! All you need is you.

What will your minimalist hobby be this summer?

Comment below to let me know your favorite hobby and how you’ve made it minimalistic.

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