Library Book Sale Haul- All These Books for $1!

My local public library has a bookshop in the basement. They sell donated books, slightly damaged books, and duplicate copies the library no longer needs on its shelves.

Today was my lucky day. They already sell books for about 2 or 3 dollars a piece (excellent prices!), but today they were offering a BAG of books for…


Just $1 got me as many books as I wanted, as long as they fit in a grocery-sized bag.

They had a pretty decent selection of eligible books for this discounted deal. And the community was definitely taking advantage of the sale.

Two volunteers ran the registers and greeted us warmly as we entered. When I told them it was my first time visiting the bookstore, they gave me the run-down on pricing and how they were organized. They approved my canvas tote bag as qualifying for the sale and off I went.

I ended up picking 6 books to take home with me. For 1 dollar. I can’t believe it.

All of the books are in good shape. 5 paperbacks and 1 hardback. I can tell they have all been read before, but that just proves they’re gonna be good.

I love the idea of second-hand books. The more the merrier when it comes to readers. In this case, the sale of these books goes back into the library system to help fund new books and resources for my community.

I spent a little time browsing some of the other books that weren’t part of the $1 sale, but nothing quite caught my eye. I’ll be keeping a look out in the future for interesting cookbooks though. The prices were really good, although some books were a bit worn down. They featured some basically new-looking books right up front and I could tell those would be sold pretty soon. A few of the older books may have to live on those shelves for a while.

The Plan:

So, as my regular readers know, I’m doing the 2022 Spine & Leaf Books Reading Challenge. I only have a few more books to read to complete the challenge, but I’ve been finding myself choosing books that interest me, but aren’t going to complete an item on the challenge list. I’m ok with that because I’m more of a random reader than someone who makes a TBR list.

After 4 months of reading only books for the challenge, I’ve been deviating a bit in the month of May. I think I will try my best to wrap up the challenge in June to complete the 50 books on the list, while also leaving room for some others. Then, I’ll spend the second half of the year feeding my wild and random reading spirit with any book that strikes my fancy.

Therefore, I think these books will be waiting until mostly July or August before they get read. The good news is that even though these came from the library, they are mine to keep as long as I please. I’ll just enjoy the beauty of an unread stack of books for a few weeks.

After I eventually read them, they will get donated to my local Little Free Libraries. I’ll spread the love and place one or two books into each of the Little Free Libraries that I frequent. I love giving back and sharing the joy of reading!

The Books:

I chose 6 books from this book sale:

  • Still Here by Amy Stuart
  • After Me Comes the Flood by Sarah Perry
  • The Sellout by Paul Beatty
  • Restart: Stories of the Cairn Age by Scott Bollens
  • The Company of Demons by Michael Jordan
  • Cher Ami and Major Whittlesey by Kathleen Rooney

I’m just now realizing as I type this that all 6 are novels. I suppose that’s what I was in the mood for today. Maybe because the last few books I’ve read have been non-fiction?

I had a ton of fun at the sale and I’m glad I can support my local public library, even if it is just a dollar at a time. The day was made even better with a trip to the farmers market and some lunch from the food truck section.

Well… time to get reading! Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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