If You Like This… Read That Next

Ever read a book so good you wish there was another just like it?

I’m sure all book series fans have this feeling (especially when the final book in the series has been released). But what about stand-alone books that just made you feel a certain kind of way that you want to experience again?

Well, I’ve been there too. So I want to share a list of books that are like other books. If you’ve read one of these popular books and want more, try my next recommendation!

A big shoutout to Bookslikethisone.com. I use their site frequently to browse for new books. They always have wonderful recommendations! I highly encourage you to check out their site next because the whole thing is dedicated to posts just like this one.

So, away we go for some book recommendations!

If you liked: Where the Crawdads Sing…

Try: Before We Were Yours

Here’s why:

Both books keep a sense of mystery and suspense. One relates to murder and a trial, and the other relates to the fate of a family of young children stolen from their parents.

Family and how to find your place within it are key themes in both. Also, both take place in beautiful southern settings.

If you liked: Educated

Try: The Vanishing Half

Here’s why:

Both books center on the ability to change your life from what you were born into. Your birthplace, your gender, your education, your race, your economic level– they all mean nothing. You can choose your own destiny.

Of course, it’s going to be hard, and you’re going to have to make sacrifices. But, these characters have decided what they are willing to give up to break the mold and courageously choose their own path in life.

If you liked: Good Omens

Try: A Discovery of Witches

Here’s why:

Angels and demons, witches and vampires- supernatural enemies join forces! Both of these books offer a bit of levity (Good Omens more so) in a supernatural world.

There’s action, comedy, and some really great characters. A Discovery of Witches is quite long at nearly 600 pages plus 3 more in the series with book #5 on the way soon. You won’t run out of mythical material anytime soon.

If you liked: Origin

Try: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Here’s Why:

If you like solving mysteries and riddles, these are the books for you. Both books offer a series of questions that beg to be answered.

You’ll find action and danger in both. Also, these authors are prolific writers and have published several others for you to enjoy as well.

If you liked: The Hunger Games

Try: Red Rising

Here’s Why:

Young adults are sent into a competition to fight to the death. The underdog pulls ahead and discovers their life at the bottom actually prepared them to be a champion. But there is a bigger war happening outside of the arena.

Both books follow the now-classic dystopian future path to start, but Red Rising adds a new twist of outer space. The sequels follow the MCs as they continue to get older and play more into politics and war than in The Hunger Games series.

If you liked: The Handmaid’s Tale

Try: The Grace Year

Here’s Why:

Both books center on the broad theme of gender equality and the mistreatment of women by society. From forced birthing to forced temporary exile, there’s nothing nice about these books. But some women can learn to stick together to face the unfair odds.

Unfortunately, the women and girls in these books are treated unfairly. But let that be a warning to treat the women in this world the way they deserve to be treated.

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