Reading by the Season: Fall

Welcome to a new Spine & Leaf Books segment: Reading by the Season!

Four times a year I’ll be releasing a new list of 12 books inspired by the season.

Sometimes the setting will take place in a particular month or time of year, other times it’s just a vibe. Some are based on the title relating to the season. Maybe a few will be personal; I will remember when I first read the book and unconsciously relate to a time and place.

I hope you find some books on this list that will feel great to read in the season.

Fall Books

Fall is here and my list of fall books is as well. Enjoy these 12 book selections to read this autumn.

One per week(ish) will keep you going while the air turns crisp, the sun sets early, and the leaves begin to drop. Enjoy these books around the campfire or while you wait for the football game to start.

I hope you find some charming and thoughtful books on this list.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Teenager Jacob discovers an empty and abandoned orphanage full of strange photos of children who are extremely peculiar. But they might still be in the orphanage, held out of time. Who are they really?

13 Reasons Why

The book that inspired the hit Netflix show of the same name, 13 Reasons Why is stunning. It’s a complex and heart-wrenching story centered around the suicide of a teenage girl.

Things Fall Apart

Tradition and advancement come head to head in this tale set in pre-colonial Nigeria. Igbo warrior Okonkwo stars in the first of three books as he endures a changing world where he no longer holds power.

The Name of the Wind

In the first book of an unfinished epic fantasy trilogy, Kvothe narrates the story of his own life. A life of magic, power, music, and deception. The epic scale and hilariously witty characters will have you hooked.

The Vanishing Half

Twin sisters on divergent paths reunite when their teenage daughters figure out the family connection. But the twins have chosen vastly different lives and are worlds apart.

Angels and Demons

Robert Langdon, Harvard symbologist, goes on a high-stakes adventure with the beautiful and talented Vittoria Vetra through the Vatican city. They must decipher clues and riddles to prevent the Illuminati from destroying the city.

A Terrible Fall of Angels

Who would be the perfect person to investigate supernatural crimes? How about a detective that can communicate with Angels? Crime and fantasy genres blend perfectly in the first book of this new series.


Nick Offerman is the embodiment of all things good in wild America. He values nature, hard work, and grit; the traits he recognizes in his heroes which he details here.

A Discovery of Witches

Diana Bishop didn’t mean to do a lot of things: like fall in love with a vampire or discover a long-lost tome that only she has the power to unlock. But that’s life in this fantastical story that blends history, lore, and romance.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Follow Eddie, a now-aged veteran, as he meets 5 people in Heaven. After dying, he’s feeling like his life was nothing special. Until he hears about the unique influence and impact he has left behind.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter, an 11-year-old wizard, makes friends and plays sports while learning magic at his new wizard school. But an unresolved danger from his past lies in the shadows. A classic tale of good versus evil set in the magically stunning wizarding world.

Atomic Habits

The only thing harder than building good habits is breaking bad ones. James Clear, a habit-pro, can give you practical advice and real-world tools to reshape your life.

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