The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz

Jacob ‘Finch’ Bonner is a failing writer. His first book did ok. His second book, not so much. And the third and fourth never even got published. So what’s a writer to do?

Well, as the saying goes… if you can’t do, teach.

At a small live-in writing program, Jake is teaching a class of aspiring writers including the arrogant Evan Parker (Pseudonym Parker Evan). Evan has never written a book, yet claims he’s only in the writing program to make contacts in the publishing world for when he’s ready to sell his slam-dunk, un-failable, world-shattering novel.

Jake is unconvinced until Evan reveals the plot of his book, and it’s unlike anything he’s heard before.

“Either it’s a good plot or it isn’t. And if it’s not a good plot, the best writing isn’t going to help. And if it is, the worst writing isn’t going to hurt it.”

Several years pass and the book is never published because the student has tragically passed away. Jake sees his chance to make a comeback as a writer with this fool-proof plot, so he writes the story that his student never finished.

As predicted, the book is an international hit, and it rockets Jake to stardom. But everything changes when an anonymous person claims that the story is stolen. But, can you actually steal a plot?

The mystery continues– who else could have known about the plot? What if the plot of this fictional novel, wasn’t so fictional after all?

Get ready for a maze of plot twists woven into a story within a story as we find out what’s really behind the greatest plot ever written.


Hats off to Jean Hanff Korelitz for writing a book like no other in The Plot.

She perfectly wrote a novel about someone writing a perfect novel. The book within the book was fascinating and had me begging for more.

“You’re only as successful as the last book you published, and you’re only as good as the next book you’re writing. So shut up and write.”

So I won’t give any spoilers, but the plot of the book within the book was amazing. Twists and turns just kept coming with a tiny amount of foreshadowing and hints so you can see them coming right before they hit.

I can’t believe the gall of this character Jacob. It seems insane to me that he’d take this book idea from a dead person. I understand the initial pressure to produce a hit book, but yea, really this seems nuts. I guess he saw his chance and figured he’d get away with it. This single act really defines the character and I’m glad Korelitz went all in on this.

I enjoyed the inner turmoil and conflict of morality. It created this sense of depth and reality. Then all the twists and turns that were just outrageous let the plot fly away into a more fictional world. Good contrast and overall made for a balanced book.

The ending was satisfying and horrifying. I was so pleased!

This was a thriller mixed with a murder mystery mixed with drama.

I loved this book and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something you won’t be able to put down!

Jean Hanff Korelitz released her latest book in May 2022- The Latecomer.

Check out all of her books on her webpage:

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