The Unofficial List of Unofficial Harry Potter Books

Fall is the start of Harry Potter season for me, and it extends the whole way through the holidays to the end of the year. When September hits I’m thinking of riding the Hogwart’s express. When Halloween comes around, I imagine Nearly-Headless Nick floating through the castle and inviting guests to his death day party. And then when the cold air and snow settle in, I’m dreaming of a snow-covered Hogwarts and a cozy fire in the common room.

I just can’t get enough Harry Potter this time of year!

So even with seven books and eight movies, I still need more. That’s where the unofficial books come in. A whole fandom of readers and writers has banded together to create so many wonderful, unofficial Harry Potter books. I own a few myself and they are delightful.

To celebrate Harry Potter season, I’ve put together the…

Unofficial List of Unofficial Harry Potter Books!

Cookbooks are by far the most popular way to expand the wizarding world. There’s something magical about recreating the foods and drinks so lovingly described by J.K. Rowling.

I’ve made a few Harry Potter themed recipes myself including Hargrid’s blueberry muffins.

But, there are also spellbooks, activity books, and reference books to give you all the knowledge you could ever need.

Enjoy the list!

This is a great option for easy, kid-friendly recipes. Even if they aren’t old enough to read the books on their own, they’re old enough to enjoy some Harry Potter themed treats.
With 75 magical recipes, this book is full of ideas that are sure to delight! The photos are a great addition to help guide you to success.
I love cookbooks and I can never have enough. 100 recipes for a reasonable price, added bonus that they’re Harry Potter themed.
I love the Harry Potter spells! Rowling is so creative in naming the spells, often with hidden meaning. Here’s you unofficial guide to unraveling the wickedest spells.
How well do you really know the Harry Potter world? Test your knowledge with this unofficial trivia book!
This book is great for true British recipes based on the Harry Potter books. They’re listed by theme/location with some great cooking tips along the way.
Need help understanding the British culture and geography? This unofficial book will be your guide!
More recipes! I can’t get enough, but this cookbook features vegan recipes. I wonder if gillyweed is an ingredient?
Activies, puzzles, games, and more are to be found in this unofficial book. Everything is Harry Potter themed and even tests your knowledge of the wizarding world while proving hours of fun.
Need even more trivia? Find 200 questions and facts in this book. Gotta love the cover art too!
I’ll end the list with this unofficial Harry Potter Encylopedia. Start and end your magical journey here to learn all of the hidden secrets of Hogwarts and beyond.

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