Oath of Loyalty by Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills

Mitch Rapp is back again in the latest edition of Vince Flynn’s famous thriller/suspense series, now written by Kyle Mills.

Mitch, Claudia, and Anna have found peace in their lives despite the President of the United States holding a personal grudge against Mitch. They’ve settled into Claudia’s house in South Africa in the wake of the events that happened in Uganda with the world’s richest man.

But Mitch has more old enemies than just President Cook. When their home is attacked, Mitch does what he always does. He eliminates the treat. It’s easy enough to take out 10 armed men, but finding the man who sent the attackers is another thing. He’s gonna need help from his friends.

Mitch and the crew set out to find who really sent the attack team, but the danger continues when they realize that Claudia was the target this time. They’ll have to track down old enemies and neutralize potential threats to keep the now seven year old Anna safe. And they’ll have to do it quickly because life on the run is no life for a kid.

The plot thickens when a high-profile assassination team is hired to go after Claudia next. They are called Legion. Creative kills made to look like accidents are their specialty. And once they’re hired, there’s no calling them off.

Once again, Mitch is thrown into a whirl-wind thriller chase that is life or death. Will he rise to the challenge to keep his family safe?

Check out the lasted adventures of Mitch Rapp in Oath of Loyalty.

I love the Mitch Rapp series!

I have read all 21 books and a few of them more than once. They always provide a great story with action, high stakes, and some really cool assassin moves. Mitch is intelligent and strong, stubborn and loyal. He’s had to change over the years as his priorities have shifted to focus more on family life. But he still has a house full of high-tech security and he’s not going soft with his gun skills.

The main reason I love these books is the smart and clever ways the plot comes together. The characters are pushed to their limits and are forced to grow and change. Mills makes the reader stay on their toes. The plots are complex and there are a lot of characters. Not to mention the shifting perspective in each chapter.

I could have used more action in this one. Like I said, I think with Rapp getting older, he’s not as eager to go hand-to-hand with younger combatants. It’s probably smarter that he spends more time fighting his battles with bombs and intelligence than with knives and fists. But it’s not as cool. I guess I’ll have to go back to some of the older novels to see him in action/combat mode.

I am very happy that Mitch and Claudia have a steady relationship in this book. They are well-matched and I think it makes Mitch more realistic since the rest of the time he’s doing super ninja/assassin stuff that we, as average readers, can only imagine.

My favorite part was when Mitch found out that the attackers that targeted their home were after Claudia and not Mitch. It was a humorous moment for the characters even though the matter was still deadly serious. I like the change of pace stuff like that brings.

You could read these books as stand-alone books because each main plot line is self-contained, but it really is a series. The back stories of the characters are brought up when relevant in each book. You’ll understand deeper connections by reading them all in order though.

I highly recommend you pick up Oath of Loyalty. It’s a great action thriller. Hopefully, you’ll make the time to read all of the books in the Mitch Rapp series!

This is the 21st book in the Mitch Rapp series. Kyle Mills has continued the series after the passing of Vince Flynn in 2013.

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