American Zoo: A Sociological Safari by David Grazian

Everyone loves a trip to the zoo. The animals are wild. The experience is beautiful. A day of fun-filled educational exhibits. Right? Well, actually, not everyone agrees that zoos are a wonderful place to spend the day. In David Grazian’s American Zoo: A Sociological Safari, you’ll read about the pros and cons of the American… Continue Reading →

10 Minimalist Hobbies For Summer

Need a new minimalist hobby to keep you busy this summer? Want to find an activity that doesn’t break the bank or clutter your home? Minimalist hobbies might be right for you! Minimalism comes in many forms, but essentially it means simplifying life and using only what is needed and loved. It can be frugal,… Continue Reading →

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

A murder. A victim. A killer. And a group of four murder club members that are going to solve the mystery. The Thursday Murder Club takes the reader on a journey as Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ron use their detective skills to solve the murder of a man who was going to be building an… Continue Reading →

8 Things Every Book Blogger Needs

What 8 things do all book bloggers need? Book blogging is a small niche of the ever-growing blogging world. There aren’t many of us compared to bloggers who focus on travel or finance or food. But like most other blogs, book bloggers need a few key things to get started. Once you have these 8… Continue Reading →

April Book Update: 2022 Reading Challenge

April has been a fun month for reading. I’ve discovered several new Little Free Libraries, was gifted a book for my birthday, and found time to listen to some audiobooks. I have been making wonderful progress toward completing the 2022 Reading Challenge, and I think I will be able to complete it twice this year…. Continue Reading →

Beartown by Fredrik Backman

Beartown is small. It’s cold. And it has hockey. When the boys’ junior hockey team makes it to the semifinals and then onto the national title, there is more on the line than just a game. For a town like Beartown, winning means everything to the people… and the economy. Teens Maya and Ana are… Continue Reading →

5 Things I Do Before 7am

Good morning early birds! Today I’m going to tell you about the 5 Things I Do Before 7am to set me up for a healthy and productive lifestyle. You might like this post if you struggle to get up in the morning and start working on your to-do list. Or if you need 3 cups… Continue Reading →

Little Free Library: Take A Book. Share A Book

You’re walking through your local park or maybe the arts district during the farmers market, and you see something that looks like an oversized birdhouse on a post. But there aren’t birds in there. It’s books! You’ve just discovered your first Little Free Library! Little Free Library is a non-profit organization that encourages local communities… Continue Reading →

The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin

Can a city have a soul? A personality? Of course, it can. And a city like New York surely has a powerful one. In fact, New York City has six. One for each borough and one for the city collective. But all hell breaks loose when the souls of the city become people who embody… Continue Reading →


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