If You Like This… Read That Next

Ever read a book so good you wish there was another just like it? I'm sure all book series fans have this feeling (especially when the final book in the series has been released). But what about stand-alone books that just made you feel a certain kind of way that you want to experience again?... Continue Reading →

Books and TED Talks

I loooove reading books by authors that also deliver TED Talks. A book might take hours to read and there's bound to be more info than you can take in during the first read-through. But then comes the TED Talk that can easily be watched in under an hour. Simple, conversational, personal discussions. The authors... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia: 10 Favorite Childhood Books

I hope you enjoy this collection of 10 of my favorite childhood books. From a tiny tot too young to read up to middle-grade books, I will always have a special place in my heart for these books. So many good memories that are sometimes better than the books themselves. I am eternally grateful that... Continue Reading →

Reading by the Season: Summer

Welcome to a new Spine & Leaf Books segment: Reading by the Season! Four times a year I'll be releasing a new list of 12 books inspired by the season. Sometimes the setting will take place in a particular month or time of year, other times it's just a vibe. Some are based on the... Continue Reading →

101 Favorite Science Fiction Books

Do you love sci-fi books? Well, you're in luck! I've compiled a list of 101 Science Fiction Books to keep you reading for weeks to come. If you like aliens, vampires, or monsters then this list is for you. I'll feature popular authors like H.G. Wells and Michael Crichton, as well as a few newer... Continue Reading →

30 Books to Read by 30

Here's my list of 30 Books to Read by 30! If you're not a big reader, focus on this condensed list of 30 books. Chip away at these and you'll get the big picture without a never-ending pile to slough through. Need a reason to read each of these selections? I'll give you the main... Continue Reading →

23 Best Books About Aging for 2022

Aging is a natural part of life, but that doesn't mean we innately know what it's all about. An entire category of books exists to help educate and pacify those of us aging. Elderly advice can help calm people when their family or loved ones begin to age, or when it's you yourself who has... Continue Reading →

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