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April 2023 Book Update

April is one of my favorite months! The weather is starting to warm up and the days are getting longer. With the exception of a few tornadoes in the area, it’s been great. I’ve been running, walking my dog at new-to-me parks, visiting Chicago with my husband and friends, studying for final exams, and trying…

March 2023 Book Update

March was a lot of fun for reading. I read books from my local second-hand bookshop and from several Little Free Libraries. I even took a bike ride with my backpack to go to 8 different Little Free Libraries on the same day! I donated 5 books and came home with 3 new ones. It…

February 2023 Book Update

Happy end-of-February! We made it through the shortest month of the year and read some good books along the way. In a mere 28 days, I finished another 6 books for the 2023 Reading Challenge! I was pleased to read one of Neil Gaiman’s classics that I regret not reading sooner. I also spent half…

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