10 Minimalist Hobbies For Summer

Need a new minimalist hobby to keep you busy this summer? Want to find an activity that doesn't break the bank or clutter your home? Minimalist hobbies might be right for you! Minimalism comes in many forms, but essentially it means simplifying life and using only what is needed and loved. It can be frugal,... Continue Reading →

Little Free Library: Take A Book. Share A Book

You're walking through your local park or maybe the arts district during the farmers market, and you see something that looks like an oversized birdhouse on a post. But there aren't birds in there. It's books! You've just discovered your first Little Free Library! Little Free Library is a non-profit organization that encourages local communities... Continue Reading →

The Violin Conspiracy by Brendan Slocumb

A $10 million Stradivarius violin has gone missing. Will Ray McMillian be able to pay the ransom in time to compete in the world's biggest classical music competition? Find out in this musical mystery studded with family history and high aspirations. Ray McMillian is a young Black man whose love of music might be his... Continue Reading →

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