8 Things Every Book Blogger Needs

What 8 things do all book bloggers need? Book blogging is a small niche of the ever-growing blogging world. There aren't many of us compared to bloggers who focus on travel or finance or food. But like most other blogs, book bloggers need a few key things to get started. Once you have these 8... Continue Reading →

Thankful for the Little Things

Today's discussion post is about appreciating the little things in life. The small moments or things that make you smile. That warm your heart. For me, today, that is reading. I think about a lot of things while I read. And in between the books too. Recently, I've been appreciating what books and reading have... Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Have a TBR List

I've read enough blogs and browsed Pinterest for enough hours to know that TBR lists are extremely popular. Like, everyone has one. But not me. I've been an active reader my entire life, but I've never practiced having a to be read list. So, why not? What do I consider a TBR list? I consider... Continue Reading →

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