Poster Girl by Veronica Roth

Sonya lives in the Aperature. It is essentially a prison that holds those once dedicated to the old regime, the Delegation. Sonya's family were important members of the fallen government, so much so that she had the honor of having her face printed on all of the propaganda posters. She is a model citizen who... Continue Reading →

Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

An apartment showing has brought together an unusual group of people. An older couple looking to renovate together for profit, a woman touring alone who looks like she could buy the whole building with her pocket money, a young couple about to have their first baby, a man in a bunny costume, and an elderly... Continue Reading →

Venomous Lumpsucker by Ned Beauman

In the not-so-far future, animals are going extinct on an epic scale. Companies can buy and sell extinction credits that allow them to wipe out an animal species in their business pursuits. Activists and scientists are taking steps to preserve the DNA of as many species as they can before they are gone forever with... Continue Reading →

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

Twin sisters go separate ways when they are 16 years old. When their teenage daughters bring them together again will they be happy with the lives they chose? Desiree and Stella are from Mallard, a small town in the rural south that isn't on any map. It's a town of predominately black citizens who are... Continue Reading →

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Nora wants to die. She tries to die. But she ends up in a library at midnight. It's not a typical library though. Sure there are shelves. They're lined with books. There's even a librarian. But all of the books are about her. Every book is a life she could have lived. Every version of... Continue Reading →

Piranesi by Susanna Clarke

Piranesi is a man living in the House. It is his entire world made of a never-ending labyrinth of grand halls filled with statues big and small. It is a wondrous universe where the sea floods the lower level halls and the clouds dominate the upper halls. The middle halls are the land of men and birds and statues. His friend is the Other: the only other living person in the world. Of course, there were others before his time, but they are only bones now.

Veronica Roth: Author Review

I'd like to feature a writer who is becoming a favorite of mine: Veronica Roth. Her writing style is enjoyable and easily digestible. I like her character development and world-building. Simply put, Veronica Roth's stories are entertaining. I decided to write about Roth and all of her works instead of choosing just one book to... Continue Reading →

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

A Sci-Fi and space adventure tale by bestselling author Andy Weir, Project Hail Mary is an out-of-this-world good read, literally. Weir mixes his love of writing and real-world science to give his audience a mostly scientifically accurate story with refreshingly human (and alien) characters. In the near future, Ryland Grace wakes up on a small... Continue Reading →

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