July 2022 Book Update

July was a great book month! I had a lot of fun choosing books from my public library. The weather was beautiful and I spent a ton of time reading on my balcony or by the pool. I think I did more hardback books than anything else. There's just something so satisfying about having a... Continue Reading →

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Nora wants to die. She tries to die. But she ends up in a library at midnight. It's not a typical library though. Sure there are shelves. They're lined with books. There's even a librarian. But all of the books are about her. Every book is a life she could have lived. Every version of... Continue Reading →

10 Minimalist Hobbies For Summer

Need a new minimalist hobby to keep you busy this summer? Want to find an activity that doesn't break the bank or clutter your home? Minimalist hobbies might be right for you! Minimalism comes in many forms, but essentially it means simplifying life and using only what is needed and loved. It can be frugal,... Continue Reading →

Chronological or Release Order?

Do you read book series based on their chronological order or their release order? What's the best and why? There's a lot of debate over the right way to read a book series when it's full of prequels, sequels, and everything in between. An author might publish 3 books in order, then add a prequel,... Continue Reading →

Thankful for the Little Things

Today's discussion post is about appreciating the little things in life. The small moments or things that make you smile. That warm your heart. For me, today, that is reading. I think about a lot of things while I read. And in between the books too. Recently, I've been appreciating what books and reading have... Continue Reading →

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