Books and TED Talks

I loooove reading books by authors that also deliver TED Talks. A book might take hours to read and there’s bound to be more info than you can take in during the first read-through. But then comes the TED Talk that can easily be watched in under an hour. Simple, conversational, personal discussions.

The authors have a chance to summarize their 300+ page book into a discrete presentation. They hit the key points and leave the audience wanting more.

I enjoy reading the book first and watching the TED Talk second (like I do with movies!). The talk acts as a way to reestablish the book’s most interesting or important points. I like that it is a recap to really let the info sink in.

I hope you enjoy TED Talks and books as much as I do.

Here’s my list of authors and their books who have also done exemplary TED Talks as well.

Lori Gottlieb

Giulia Enders

Shawn Achor

Helen Pearson

Brene Brown

Angela Lee Duckworth

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