How to Read More: 10 Tips to Read More Books

Want to read more, but don’t know how to make time? Here’s 10 tips to help you read more.

  1. Always Carry a Book with You

Out-of-sight, out-of-mind. If you have a book with you, you will read it more. On the train, waiting at the pharmacy, during your child’s soccer practice. My #1 tip to read more is to always keep a book with you.

  1. Read Before Bed

Science has already proven that using screens up to an hour before bed significantly reduces your quality and quantity of sleep. Opt for 30-45 minutes of reading in bed every night instead of other media. This may mean your bedtime routine needs to start earlier, but you’ve got to admit, you’re probably staying up too late watching reruns of friends on your laptop anyway.

  1. Use E-books on Your Phone

Similar to tip #1, using e-books on your phone creates an easy and accessible means to read more. Unlimited books in the palm of your hand. Your phone is probably already glued to you, so why not download an e-reader app instead of scrolling through social media?

  1. Read While Eating

The average person spends over 60 minutes per day eating. 3 meals a day times 7 days a week offers 21 opportunities to read more. As long as you’re not worried about getting ketchup on your new book, why not try reading while eating?

  1. Join a Book Club

Do you achieve more when someone else is able to hold you accountable? Do you work better with a deadline? A set monthly meeting with a dozen other people might just be the peer-pressure motivation you need to finish your book in a timely manner.

  1. Only Read What You Love

Give up on books that you don’t love. I’ve been there myself. Forcing myself to finish a book I hate just because I already started it. My advice: Give up! If you don’t love the book, admit it’s not for you and move onto something better. You are more likely to read if you can’t wait to get back into the story.

  1. Listen to Audiobooks

Listen to books on audio instead of reading physical copies. I know it’s a controversial topic: Do audiobooks count as reading? Yes. Listen while you walk your dog. Listen while doing the dishes. Listen while showering. When your hands are full, but your mind is empty, you should be listening to books.

  1. Read Books Soon to be Released to Movies

Does a deadline motivate you to finish something? Consider reading books that are soon to be released in movie version. There’s nothing worse than watching a movie and later finding out it was a bestselling book you would have wanted to read. So check out the book first and make sure to finish before the movie release date!

  1. Keep a Reading Log

Writing down what you’ve read over the past month, quarter, or year may help show your reading achievements and encourage you to do more. Write down the title, author, genre, and page count of the books you read. Didn’t finish a book? Write down the number of pages you did read. Keeping a count of total books read and total pages read can be incredibly empowering.

  1. Read News Articles/Book Reviews/Magazines/Blogs

Reading doesn’t have to be 300 page novels. Try reading shorter sources like news articles and blogs that can be finished in one sitting. Sneaking in a 7 minute read every morning is better than struggling to pick back up mid-chapter if you don’t have long periods of time to read. Something is always better than nothing.

There you go: 10 tips to read more. Which of these tips will you try? What are you already doing to read more?

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