May Book Update: 2022 Reading Challenge

What a month May has been! A plethora of Little Free Libraries, a new public library, a local used book store, a bookshop/cafe, and overall more books than I could possibly read!

I am beyond grateful for the enormous amount of books that I have access to on a daily basis. This has inspired me to help others gain the same access in the only way I know how. I’ve committed to helping replenish the local Little Free Libraries with books purchased from the local second-hand books shop. The shop gets a loyal customer, I get wonderful books for a great price, the community gets access to a revolving door of new selections in the free library, and the books get another chance to be loved.

So this month for the 2022 Reading Challenge, I finished 8 books. I read an additional 2 books that didn’t quite fit any of the remaining categories, so I’ll count them as a bonus.

Favorite books of the month: The Thursday Murder Club and Next.

#3- Recommended By A Friend

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I loved this murder mystery! A team of retirees works with the police to solve a series of murders related to their retirement community. I will definitely be seeking out the second and third books in this series.

#10- About Health and Wellness

Why You Eat What You Eat by Rachel Herz

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This one was a very interesting read. I learned a few new pieces of info about how your mind relates to the food you eat. I knew some of this information already and felt it was a bit too gimmicky at some parts, but still a good reminder to maintain smart eating habits.

#23- Involving Water

The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Water is at a premium. Those who have it, live. Those who don’t… well they’ll have to do their best. This story was suspenseful and action-packed. I really enjoyed the character Angel, a.k.a. the water knife.

#28- About Nature

Dreaming in Turtle by Peter Laufer, Ph.D.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I love turtles! This book was eye-opening to the plight that wild turtles face on a regular basis. I had no idea illegal poaching and smuggling were still so prevalent and such a threat to turtles. I found a lot of interesting trivia about turtles which was neat, but it was hard to read about so much turtle soup.

#30- With an Index

American Zoo by David Grazian

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I am a big fan of zoos, animals, and conservation so this was a really fun read. The sociological perspective of zoos presented here was unique and well-researched. They mentioned several zoos/aquariums that I have personally visited and enjoyed so it felt personal.

#33- Bought From Your Local Bookstore

Next by Michael Crichton

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Michael Crichton has become one of my fav authors. I really enjoyed the pure sci-fi feel of this book and his others (like The Andromeda Strain). One of the best accomplishments is that the science fiction is mostly real… or has the potential to be someday.

#35- Only Published as an E-book

The Sacrifice of One by Emily Fortney

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

This is the first in the Camilla Crim series. It follows Camilla on her journey to free her brother, Tuor, from unfair imprisonment. She must fight against the militia and soon, the highest powers of the law. There’s a deeper plot that won’t be revealed until the following books.

#43- Poetry

Taller When Prone by Les Murray

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Award-winning Australian poet Murray writes about nature and civilization in one of his 30 or so poetry collections. My favorite poem is ‘Observing a Mute Cat.’


Now that I’ve read so many books specifically for the Spine & Leaf Books 2022 Reading Challenge, I’ve been finding it difficult to only read books that check off an item on the challenge list. So, I’ve given up on only choosing books for the challenge and started reading some others. I got a few more good finds from the local book store as well as the Little Free Libraries near me.

I wasn’t a fan of Rin, Tongue, and Dorner, but Legacy was a great classic sci-fi that took me on a people-focused space adventure.

Stay tuned for more monthly updates and keep working on completing your own Reading Challenge!

4 thoughts on “May Book Update: 2022 Reading Challenge

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  1. Good job on your book reading! I didn’t recognize any of the titles, which is surprising for me.
    So my tally for the challenge is 32 books – 1 only for May, and I’ve read a total of 104 books so far.
    My husband was gone to Ukraine for six weeks (helping to bring civilians to safety, then sending food and personal kits) and just came back yesterday (June 12th, 2022) so I was busy rearranging and renovating the house. I only read 11 books in May.
    Here is mine for the challenge:

    #14 Published this year: Winter Renshaw The Dirty Truth -286- 4 stars. Less dense and less complicated than any of the other Renshaw stories. Lots of chemistry but also a lot more problems. Add to that a typical teenager who’s been taken away from her birth mother and friends.

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